Our Core Services

Four Segments

Assessments, Systems Support, Communications, and Cloud Services. After almost 25 years in the industry, we find it easiest to narrow services down into these four categories based on their overall purpose, focus, and impact to your employees and customers.

Of course, we could toss around terminology like VoIP, continuity, governance and a bunch of acronyms. But we don’t. Our goal isn’t to impress you with our vocabulary, but demonstrate to you we understand your needs are unique to your business and we have the skill sets and experience to help you identify and reach your company’s full IT potential.


Included in this service are all the functions one would expect a C-Suite executive in charge of IT to perform. These include assessments of systems, applications, and disaster recovery plans; strategic planning for long term and short term; budgeting; and vendor management.

Our team can sit with you and examine where you are, help you identify where you want to be, and create a roadmap to get you there. We can even drive or be your co-pilot.

Tekwave Consulting and help with your IT assessments.
Tekwave Consulting can manage and support any system you have.

system support

Desktops, laptops, printers, servers, network equipment, cabling, software and everything in-between. Our goal is making your technology work for you. We’ll never suggest technology simply for the sake of technology.

We can help you upgrade, install, migrate, even recycle any system or software you have, want or need. Windows to Linux, VMware to HyperV, Cisco to Netgear,  Apple to PC. We’ve got you covered.


Today’s business communications comes in many forms. We have the standard email and desk phones; but we also have softphones (a desk phone but on your computer); Zoom, Teams, Slack, and many other online collaborative options; web design, hosting, and graphic design.

Which is right for your teams? Can you systems even handle the applications and bandwidth needs? Are you currently overpaying for services that you might not even need or use? We can help you.

Are you using yourcommunication systems effectively?

cloud services

Are you in “the cloud”? Do you need it? Do you want it? What even IS the cloud? Imagine every system you have one day gone from your office and living somewhere else. All you know is you have a super fast Windows 10 machine you can access from any device, anywhere.

Now, image all this plus integrated phones, unlimited storage, virtually unlimited server power, Office 365, email, and all for one price…PLUS unlimited 24/7/365 support…INCLUDED. Don’t believe us? Just ask.

Tekwave cloud services connects your everything.


Here are a few common questions we are asked by our clients.

YES! One person or 1,000 we can help. Our ideal client has 1-50 employees regardless of location but we don’t discriminate on number or location. Our smallest client is a one-person shop while our largest has over 400 employees.

Geek Squad and other such shops are great. They fill a much needed market for quick, one-off fixes. But if you want to have a partner, someone with your best interest at heart and willing to live in the trenches with you, you need Tekwave Consulting.

We cannot answer that. But what we can say is we do not force you into along term contracts. In fact, we don’t even have a long term contract for you to sign. We won’t force you into buying blocks of time either. We offer a flat rate and are more than willing to work with you on pricing and billing options.

We sure will. We can help you at an office or at your home office. We can even help you migrate or setup a home office. Given today’s climate many of our clients are asking just that. We take every measure to protect ourselves and you and your family.

Great question, check out our Why Tekwave section. You can find the link at the top of the page.